Welcom to Den Ville Sau

Den Ville Sau aims to contribute depletion and care of the area around Nes, so that the cultural landscape can once again an be as it once was when there was cows and sheep in the nature. The Ville Sau is run as a hobby and economically we have a zero vision. We are an organic farm that supplies animals for slaughter every fall to Horn's slaughterhouse at Leknes. Are you looking for short-lived food from local farmers? Then you can usually find lamb meat from our farm at Skutvik Landhandel, which buys products from Horn's slaughterhouse in the fall.




"In historical land we create real

and common values "



Our thought is managment of

the regionally important cultural landscape 

on Ness in Hamarøy, with basis

of use of villsau / old norwegian sheep

as well as landscaping.

Ness, is an area that is classified

as locally important to biological diversity

and as regionally important for culture-

landscape, but today threatened

by overgrowing.



Tradition - Ness has been an old one

Viking Sete, there are many burial mounds

and engraving 1000 yers back. We wish 

as much as possible to find back to

how the Vikings lived here. Showing

of reports and images from excavations.

Reversal - restore cultural landscape,

old customs and crafts

Ethics - try to realize, both for

themselves and others, so much desire, 

happiness or benefit as possible

Quality - The goods or services should have

the greatest possible value for the 

customers / users



Autumn on Nes

Filmed with Phantom 4.


My first project. Do not quite succeed with the quality, but better happiness next time.
Music by Johan Svendsen, Romance for Violin and Orchestra Op.26.

Risør Festival String & Lars Andreas Tomter.

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