About us

Nes områdetiltak had developed a plan for grazing the area in cooperation with NIBIO at Tjøtta. The plan was ready, but nobody had the opportunity to get started. We then took the chance and stared up the Ville Sau as a hobby we would have for many years, even after we became retirees.

It is great to work with animals, so the choice fell on a group of sheep that is relatively easy to handel.
Old Norwegian wild sheeps fits in Norwegian nature. Our animals should graz in Nessmarka, a perfect area bordering the sea on several edges, open heather heights, a little marshland, lots of open areas with einer, pond and small streams.
We have built small houses for the sheep so they can go out year round. Has the fence inland and the fence of the settlement, together several kilometers.
The sheep get dry hay and some consetrates in winter. They graze on the fields that are fenced and allotted. We expect that there should be room for up to 100 animals in the area. We started with 2 rams from Rognan and 21 ewes from Steigen.