How do we do the jobb at our little farm ...

In the first place it has been necessary to fence the sheeps out from the village. This was completed in 2014. Then we have a fence for several kilometers. The fence defines the area towards the village and see at the other side. It has been a struggle, but absolutely necessary. In addition, there is also a fence around the inland areas of Ryen.

Then there are some small houses set up for the protection of the sheep.

What is important now is to get enough landmarks and landmarks with good quality, so that we can secure the winter supply with additional factors. We started this up with the summer of 2013 and continued in 2014 and 2015. Pasture topping give results.

We have purchased some tools for this, and something is home made.

We focused on ATV in addition to tractor. ATV is affordable in purchasing, does not struggle so much on the fields and is snooping to operate. To this we have bought a bogie trailer with crane and winch, harrow and grazing pads. Then it has been necessary to get a mower. We bought a Tielburger, it was to heavy. A horse mower was the rescue. I've rebuilt it for use behind the ATV. Then we have acquired a horse rake that I have rebuilt and which will be used to collect high. Coupled it on the winch of the ATV. Can be lifted and lowered. We have also built a hay truck with axles and wheels from Germany. High-trolley is definitely a good aid. We have also purchased a reasonable Fordson Dexta, which is used with side-end rake and equipment for snow.


ATV with pasture topper.


ATV with horse mower


ATV with horse rake





Fordson Dexta with hay wagon.


Fordson Dexta.

Renovated in 2016

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